Apothecary Ambience – Potion Sounds and Soothing Rain Indoors

The gentle sounds of burbling potions and falling rain keep you company as you scan through the open book. Intent on solving the mystery, you lean back in your creaking armchair, pondering just what your elixir needs. Glancing at your vast collection of books, you feel in your bones that the correct concoction of herbs and spices can be found somewhere inside.
No one ever said being an apothecary would be easy. You let your thoughts wander as a soft rain falls on the roof of your shop. The floor creaks under you as you search through ancient scrolls, testing and concocting various mixtures, determined to create your own potion.

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How this artwork was created:
This ambience was modeled and created with 3D Blender. All the scenario itself was modeled and animated from the root. It is completely original.

3D of the Sketch here:

After the 3D model this scenario was painted and animated.
Software used:
– 3D Blender
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe After Effects
– DaVinci Resolve

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After Effects, Artwork and Animations by New Bliss ©

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