December 2, 2022
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God Takes Care Of The Birds Craft

God Takes Care Of The Birds Craft. God cares about everything he made. Write matthew 6:25a on the bottom of the bird.

Pin on Homeschool Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory
Pin on Homeschool Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory from

Draw an outline of a boat on a large piece of paper. God cares for the birds, flowers, and you! But god cares about you even more than the birds!

So, I Decided To Have The Kids Make Handprint Flowers And Birds For Our Craft To Help Them Remember Our Lesson.

The lilies and the birds are as important as we are. Jesus reminded them that god takes care of the birds and flowers. Say a prayer thanking god for the ways he takes care of us.

Draw An Outline Of A Boat On A Large Piece Of Paper.

Neither the bird nor the flowers work or have any need to be anxious because god is faithful to them. • it is god who makes the flowers so pretty. If children are younger, the teacher could have them form a cross or a bird, etc.

God Cares For The Birds, Flowers, And You!

As the teacher gives a word to spell, the children will try to form that short word with their jelly beans, such as god, love, care, cross, etc. And your heavenly father feedeth them. Depending on time, the children could color the pyramid before it's glued together (pictures of moses and pharaoh, the different plagues, the red sea, etc.).

Use The Moses Crossword Puzzle.

Children may eat their beans if their hands were clean before doing the writing contest. They don't even store grain in barns. Hand out one sheet per child along with a toilet paper roll and scissors.

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Circle and then color all the birds and flowers in the picture. (how to choose the best learning activities for my teaching situation) activities: There is great imagery in the passage about birds and flowers being given everything they need by god and the children were really able to identify with the simplicity of the ideas.

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