Library Ambience | Rain Sounds & Thunderstorm Sounds | Crackling Fireplace for Sleeping for Study

Enjoy this Library Room Ambience with relaxing Rain Sounds and Thunderstorm with Crackling Fireplace for Sleep, Study and ASMR. The thunder and rain sounds is soothing us to sleep. Here is one of our favorite thunderstorm sounds and rain sounds than nature offers us. This relaxing white noise is great for helping you study, sleep or focus. When I decided to make this library environment I tried to make it darker dark but not black screen, you’ll take advantage of it because keeping the room dark while you sleep, saving your battery. The key to relaxation is to keep it simple. Don’t forget, the crackling fireplace gives a warmer air to the surrounding space. This 3 hour video helps block distractions and creates a peaceful ambience.

I hope you enjoy this rain and thunderstorm ambience for relaxing and sleeping as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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